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Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality News and Trends January 4, 2018

2017: A year of progress for Augmented and Virtual Reality Arriving on the heals of a breakthrough 2016 for Augmented and Virtual Reality, 2017 was a year of continued momentum and refinement — along with the earth-shaking arrival of Augmented Reality Software Development Kits (SDKs) from two of the biggest companies on the planet. There was plenty of new hardware, a flood of consumer-facing apps that used Augmented Reality for retail, and a year’s end uptick in VR hardware sales that bodes well for the future of the industry. What follows are our picks for the biggest stories from the world of VR and AR over the last 12 months.

BlockChain sector news

The Truth About Blockchain 5/1/17

Contracts, transactions, and the records of them are among the defining structures in our economic, legal, and political systems. They protect assets and set organizational boundaries. They establish and verify identities and chronicle events. They govern interactions among nations, organizations, communities, and individuals. They guide managerial and social action. And yet these critical tools and the bureaucracies formed to manage them have not kept up with the economy’s digital transformation. They’re like a rush-hour gridlock trapping a Formula 1 race car. In a digital world, the way we regulate and maintain administrative control has to change.

Indians make the most of their tea and espresso in corner shops. These coffee bar business people gather a lot of little change that they store in banks once a day. Everybody discusses fintech taking them computerized; in any case, they neglect to comprehend that present advances like wallets are excessively lumbering for a business visionary to deal with in a high volume condition like that of a little shop. Just a multi-arrangement play in view of Aadhaar's unique mark recognizable proof which is connected to the settlement bank and the issuing bank would make things simple for both the customer and the coffeehouse.

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Chinese investment in the US falls sharply in 2017

Chinese investment in the US plunged last year as tensions between the two countries mounted. The value of deals announced in 2017 fell by more than 90% from the year before, according to joint studies by the National Committee on US-China Relations and the Rhodium Group. The reports said policy shifts in both countries triggered the decline. China has curbed outbound investments, while the US is raising concerns about deals for national security reasons.

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Median CEO pay for the 100 largest companies reached a record $15.7 million in 2017

CEO pay is up -- yet again. A booming stock market and bulging equity awards propelled the median 2017 compensation for CEOs of the 100 largest companies to the highest figure in 11 years, according to a new analysis.Dan Marcec, Equilar's director of content and communications, said the number was not surprising given that the majority of CEO pay is made up of stock grants and 2017 was a banner year for market performance.

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Facebook's Zuckerberg says his data was harvested date --- 11/4/18

Facebook's chief executive has revealed that his data was among that harvested in a privacy scandal. Mark Zuckerberg made the disclosure during his second day of being questioned in Washington. In a related development, the political consultancy at the heart of the affair has announced its acting chief executive is stepping down. He also revealed that his firm was exploring whether to take action against the University of Cambridge. The institution is where the researcher Aleksandr Kogan, who had collected and sold personal data to Cambridge Analytica, was based.